It’s the holiday season. There will be parties, there will be dinners, then there is Christmas, oh and the New Year party. You want to look your best for all of these occasions. In the middle of a transition to gray, these occasions can leave us feeling a bit stressed and pondering how we can look our best. This is a very tempting time of year to run back to the dye.

As a creative and playful person I find my imaginative going crazy with fun festive ideas.

Don’t run back to the dye!

The holidays are a festive season, so rather than worrying about the mixture of dyed color and gray, get festive instead.

Maybe you can try some of these fun ideas:

Color the roots and some strips of your hair with hair chalk. Go wild. Use festive colors and maybe some hair glitter also. Engage a trendy family member to help you. It will be fun and creative.

Use a holiday motive or colored headband. Use the headband so that the gray shows in the front and the remaining color in the back. This look is fabulous on some people. Maybe even use a headband that matches your festive outfit. This would be easy to make and would create a stunning look.

Play with hairstyles. Braid ribbon through your hair. Again you can ask a family member or friend to help you. You can use holiday colors or match ribbons with your clothes. Style your hair with holiday hairpins. Tie your hair up and add a fun bun net. If you tie your hair tightly back you could use hair glitter in the roots at the front for a stunning and playful effect. Search Google for some hairstyle inspiration.

Wear a tiara. Why not? It is a festive season. No one will mention your hair if you are wearing a tiara!

Play with hats. The holiday season is great for hats. Berets can really make a winter outfit look stunning. You could dress to the nines and wear a fabulous ‘over the top’ hat with a simple dress. If you live in a cold climate then you have the perfect excuse to wear fun knitted hats.

Decorate your hair with flowers, hair jewels, bows, feathers or any other exciting finds. There really are some fabulous pieces out there, so have fun finding something that suits your personality. During my transition, I had feathers in my hair for a while. People were so interested in the feathers that they didn’t even notice my gray.

Wear a stunning outfit. Style your hair as usual and concentrate your efforts on creating a fabulous ensemble. If you feel fabulous in your outfit, you won’t worry about your hair.

Whatever you decide to do, have fun! Lots of fun!


Happy Holidays!


gray hairKama Frankling, the author of Daring To Be Grey, began her journey to grey in 2011. Although Kama will admit that she was initially resistant to going gray, she soon discovered that the journey was the ultimate confidence booster that she had needed. Kama feels more confident than ever before and now shares with others what she has learned about confidence and transitioning to gray.

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