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Revolution Gray is an interactive, social and educational digital platform that connects the active, stylish, and modern women over 50 with information that inspires, informs and delights.  

Our story

In 2006, Revolution Gray started as a single blog post entitled Women Going Gray.  Surprisingly, just days after it was published, the blog post received an overwhelming amount of attention, and as a result, we created the blog, Going Gray.  For several years, Going Gray served as an online thought leader and authoritative source for women wanting to “ditch the dye” and go gray, silver or platinum.  In 2013, Going Gray Blog was rebranded to Revolution Gray, and in 2017, an expanded conversation began to converse with readers on a deeper level.

I am sure you can relate:

Around the time your hair starts to change its color, you are seeing kids off to college, taking care of aging parents, thinking about second careers or perhaps dating again or downsizing your house.

You are also looking for ways to stay healthy, look stylish and enjoy life’s little pleasures.  With a ton of wisdom, experience, and focus, you are looking for ways to live intentionally, purposefully and thoughtfully.  And compared to the last generation of women at the same life stage, so much more is possible.

Join us in a conversation about “flipping the script after 50”.

It’s a conversation centered around creating or reinventing a life that is meaningful, purposeful and satisfying.

Is it about letting your hair go gray or silver?  You’ll find tons of information right here.  Do you desire to start your own business, date again after divorce, retire in Anguilla or work until your 80?  You’ll find tons of inspiration right here.

Whatever path you choose, we are honored to have joined you on the journey.Thank you for your feedback!  

Over the last eleven years, we’ve heard from a lot of you who love this website.  Although we are not always able to respond, we are truly appreciative of your stories, pictures, kind emails, and comments.  Keep them coming.

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hello at revolutiongray dot com

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