Versatile, comfortable, convenient, good value for money and practical is what has been used to describe leggings. Let’s admit it leggings are not for everyone. Even then many women can rock them well, even in their fifties. But how do you rock leggings after fifty and still wear them right? Here are six tips for rocking your leggings in a chic, classy way.

I. Choose Dark and Neutral Colors. Let’s make it clear; you can still wear bright colored legging well into your fifties. The best thing about being over fifty is that you have probably gotten comfortable in your skin. That notwithstanding, dark colors such as navy blue, black and dark grey are the best. They convey maturity while adding an air of chic sophistication and mystery to your look.

2. Avoid Form Fitting Leggings. Confidence is an essential part of successfully rocking a pair of leggings. Therefore if you aren’t comfortable wearing them tight, then avoid form fitting and figure-hugging leggings. You may still be in great shape, but comfort comes ahead making a fashion statement. A loose fit works better at this age than a figure-hugging, almost-sculpted fit.

3. Choose a thick fabric. A thin fabric is the cause of many legging-wardrobe malfunctions for many women. A thick fabric covers your body better thus adding to your comfort and style. The last thing you want on your mind while rocking a pair of leggings is the fear that the fabric won’t hold or that it’s too revealing.

4. Avoid Short, Form Fitting Jackets and Tops. Leggings can be rocked with a number of other clothing and accessories. The prime rule is always to avoid pairing legging with short or form-fitting tops or jackets. Very few women can pull a decent look in form-fitting leggings and tops. That shouldn’t stop you from being creative and adventurous in how you wear the leggings.

5. Keep Your Bum and Crotch Area Covered. While wearing leggings, you want to avoid showing panty lines, sweat marks or even camel toe. An excellent way to achieve this is by pairing leggings with dress
tops, asymmetrical top shirts, and long sweater tops. Remember the basic rule is comfort. Therefore tops that cover your crotch area are the best. They don’t have to be very long. Preferably the tops should slightly go over your curves.

6. Leggings should be long enough. Short leggings always show off a bit of your legs. You can either wear ankle length leggings with a pair of flat shoes, or rock calf length leggings with knee-length flat-soled boots. Avoid stilettos unless you really have to.

The best leggings are thick enough and have a good stretch. The thicker leggings tend to be roomier yet still firm and give your legs a great shape. As a rule stay clear of shiny or sheer leggings, faux leather and leather leggings are classy and edgier for they can be ‘softened’ with a silky tunic top.

Some of our favorite (and comfortable leggings):

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