We told you all about this in January, but we’re now seeing more and more of it. From the fashion week catwalks to the streets of New York, gray hair is a trend that’s heating up. Kate Moss, Peaches Geldof, Pink, Lady Gaga, and other trendsetters are paving the way for gray to be fashion forward. The difference is they are seeking hair color treatments to get gray, not hair treatments to cover gray hair.

Gray is very “right now.” Photo courtesy of Trend Hunter

Britain’s Nicola Moulton, beauty and health director at UK Vogue, told The Telegraph, “Stopping at nothing to look just a few years younger is starting to look dated itself … which is why I think we’re seeing models and younger celebrities embracing things like wrinkles and a smattering of grey. The bottom line is, it doesn’t stop a woman looking beautiful—on the contrary, it just makes her look more attractive by speaking volumes for her confidence.”

We don’t doubt you’ll see more and more gray tresses as the trend makes its way to the masses. The New York Times reported, “In embracing a tint their mothers would have shunned, such role models are lending gray new cachet, giving shades from ash to ermine an unlikely fashion moment. Now, some say, the trend, which trickled down from the runways of Chanel, Giles Deacon, and their rarefied ilk to fashion hot spots around the country, seems poised to go mainstream.”

So how about that, ladies–you can say you were there first!