Yep! A short gray haircut is a great way to go gray. Here’s a comment from one of our readers who took the plunge and loved it:

Reader: I turned 60 this year and have been coloring my hair for over 30 years! I decided in January to stop the nonsense.
My husband was not on board at first—we celebrated our 40th anniversary this year, and he has seen all colors and styles over the years! I found a fantastic stylist, recommended by my daughter, and she was able to strip some of my current color and lighten my hair. Shortly after that, we cut it very short for the summer, and now my husband loves it! My friends are a mixed batch with some saying I look much older and some loving it (and being a little jealous of my courage!). I love the freedom of not having to worry about the gray showing at the roots!!!! Do it now, girls!

Going Gray Blog Team: We are so glad you are going for it! We get a lot of comments from women beginning this transition. Although you don’t have to, many women decide to cut their hair short. Here are some words of wisdom from hair care expert, J Christian:

Whether it was the cost of covering, or the maintenance of covering it, or just the fact you have become comfortable in who you really are, going gray is a decision that has to come from the heart. The first thing you have to understand about going gray is that it will be a process, some longer than we would like but a process nonetheless. You chose to cut your hair short. This is a quicker way to transition. For other women considering this, I suggest letting your hair grow out for 2 to 3 months (keeping in mind that hair grows an average of 1/2 inch per month) then cut it short and sassy. Before you cut it, be sure to talk this over with a trusted hair artist. Schedule a consultation and discuss your new look. How will your hair behave shorter? How will it look for your facial shape? Will you be able to style it yourself? These are all good questions to ask. Good luck!