According to the US Travel Association:

  • Fewer adults are traveling with children. In 2012, 26 percent of domestic leisure travelers traveled with children under the age of 18 (408.5 million trips) compared with 2008, when 31 percent of adults traveled with children (466.2 million trips).
  • Driving versus flying. In 2012, 33 percent of domestic business trips included air travel compared to just 11 percent of leisure trips. Nearly eight in ten (79 percent) leisure trips were by car compared to less than half (48 percent) of business trips.
  • Leisure travelers are older than business travelers.
  • The average age of leisure travelers is 47.5 years old.
  • Mature travelers comprise 36 percent of leisure travel volume

So you’re stuck in a rut and need to get away for a few days? How about a travel adventure?

About Intrepid
Suited to the free-spirited, adventurous, and independent traveler, The Intrepid Traveler got started in 1989 by two great friends. Their adventures are ideal for a solo traveler. They offer the freedom and flexibility of independent travel while removing the hassle of traveling on your own.

Amazing Value
Intrepid trips are designed to be different, but one thing they do have in common—without exception—is great value for money. For the cost of one trip, there are many unforgettable experiences. What’s more, they can save you the cost of a single supplement by booking on a twin share basis on their group trips.

Key Features (according to Intrepid)

  • Group size: Average of 10 travelers who can be of all ages and from all corners of the world.
  • Group leader: Yes. An experienced leader accompanies every trip.
  • Accommodation: The emphasis is on the journey, not the accommodation. Simple guesthouses, hotels, homestays and National Park lodges, to name a few.
  • Transport: You name it—we use it. Usually local transport but you never know when you’ll find yourself riding a camel or paddling a kayak.
  • Inclusions: Few inclusions, lots of options, maximum flexibility
  • Departure: Departure is guaranteed, subject to booking conditions.
  • Single Supplement: Not available. Single travelers share with someone of the same gender.

Here are Intrepid’s three most popular trips:

Treasures of the North: 8 days from Bangkok
Northern Thailand is a treasure trove filled with glittering temples, ancient ruins, exotic markets, and sumptuous foods. Explore the capital of Siam’s golden age at Sukhothai, ride an elephant through the rainforest of Lampang, browse the bustling markets of Chiang Mai, stay at a special homestay with local friends and enjoy a traditional khan toke dinner—there’s so much to discover in Thailand’s northern kingdom.

Discover Egypt 15 days ex Cairo
Discover Egypt’s stark desert beauty, home for centuries to the monumental legacies left behind by the great pharaohs. Explore its bewitching history and captivating culture by journeying down the Nile, across the remote contours of the Sinai Desert, and along the sun-swept beaches lining the Red Sea. Shop in an Egyptian bazaar, climb Mt. Sinai, and see one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Peru in Depth 15 ex Lima
From mountains to jungle, seasides to great plains, see Peru’s incredible natural and historical highlights on this two-week adventure. Retrace the steps of the Incas to Machu Picchu, admire colonial cities, explore colorful markets and meet friendly locals in this South American country with a difference. Return home with incredible memories of the panoramas and people of Peru.

Don’t just sit there – Get off the beaten track and into a real-life adventure with Intrepid.


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Join our growing community of women who are breaking down aging stereotypes and
creating a fresh perspective toward embracing life after 50.