As life passes by, so do the opportunities you don’t take. That’s why when you finally have the chance to move somewhere new, it’s a great time to take it. With your children grown up and moved out of the house, you find that your home is too empty for your liking. So moving across the country to your dream city is the best way to start over as you’re getting older.

However, it may be the first time you’ve ever picked up your life and transitioned it somewhere completely new. So what do you do from here? Luckily, the dos and don’ts for moving cross country aren’t as scary as you’d think. Get ready because life is ready to move you somewhere where you can thrive.

What To Do

Most moving tasks become the main priority, especially cross country. So making sure you stay on top of essential jobs keeps you organized.

Taking Home Inventory

One of the dos and don’ts for moving cross country that matters immensely is making sure you take inventory of your home. Whether you’ll pack up everything or pay movers, it’s essential to take inventory of all your belongings. So check items off as you’ve packed them, then deliver them to your new home.

Packing Right Away

Saving money is essential in moving from one location to another. So make sure that you pack everything immediately after you complete the house-hunting process. Wrapping fragile items carefully in bubble wrap or bedding, using box space efficiently while maximizing space, and buying proper supplies ahead of time will set you up for success.

What Not To Do

As with moving, many movers tend to make mistakes, so it’s vital to make sure you know the proper way to proceed. It’s imperative if you wish to save as much money as possible.

Planning Last Minute

Setting up your move to another location is nothing to shrug off; asking movers questions day-of, packing the night before, and hiring movers with no background can make your move fail. Additionally, if you close your current home before your move, make sure you schedule and can settle into your short-term housing in between your move. If you’re left unprepared and scrambling last minute, you’ll only stress yourself out further.

Using New Packing Boxes

Buying brand new supplies isn’t always the most efficient when moving. It can become costly and end up in the recycling anyway. So see if you can find gently used boxes through moving companies or an online marketplace from previous movers. Also, you may find another mover is giving away their boxes for free.

Overall, moving your life to somewhere new is exhausting but rewarding. So take a moment to reflect on your time in your current residence and take your memories with you. You’ll find new beginnings and appreciate everything you’ve done to get there.

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Join our growing community of women who are breaking down aging stereotypes and
creating a fresh perspective toward embracing life after 50.