From new trends to changing our overall look, fashion comes and goes. If you are a woman over 50, your closet has probably gone through a number of overhauls. If you’re feeling a bit lost at the minute about what your personal style is, here’s how you can become your most stylish yet.

Credit: Alice & Olivia

1. Look for inspiration

Have you ever bought a pair of bell-bottom jeans because you wanted to look as cool as Farrah Fawcett did when she skateboarded? Or were you inspired by the powerful looks the women in Dynasty had, rocking those shoulder pads? We’ve all looked up to style icons at some point but now it’s the time to be your own fashion icon. Whether it’s going through dozens of fashion magazines or researching your favorite looks on Pinterest, having a visual representation can be very helpful in crafting your signature look. Seeing various outfits on display will make it easier for you to discern what kind of style truly speaks to you. For instance, if you still want to be one of Charlie’s Angels, take a cue from 54-year-young fashion influencer Grece Ghanem, who still walks the streets in ’70s-inspired pieces like this sleek wide-leg jumpsuit from Alice & Olivia.

Credit: 9seed

2. Find out what works for you

Building your wardrobe goes beyond simply purchasing different items. To truly own your style, it’s essential to understand what shapes and colors look best on your body.

Shapes: Once you know your silhouette, buying clothing will be a breeze. Having the proper knowledge about your body’s shape allows you to know what styles, cuts, and lengths fit you best. As our bodies naturally evolve, most of us develop a pear-shaped figure—that is, when the hip section is wider than the upper body. Take a cue from fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg, whose trademark wrap dresses and skirts made her a living legend. You can emulate her style with this flowy yet comfy cherry red wrap skirt from 9seed. This type of clothing works well for pear-shaped bodies, as it accentuates the waist and lets you enjoy the comfort only a good skirt can provide.

Credit: Revolution Gray

Colors: And if you’re lucky enough to have grey hair, image consultant Sandy Dumont recommends going for navy and jewel tones such as sapphire, royal blue, ruby, fuchsia, magenta, and violet for your silver hair to truly shine while wearing a stylish outfit. It’s best to avoid earth tones, as they can take away the shine from your glorious locks by making your hair look green in the sunlight.

3. Have a signature piece

Despite all the glitz and glamour the fashion industry loves to exude, comfort should still be a key aspect when it comes to creating your personal style. We know it can be a bit overwhelming revamping your wardrobe, but here’s a trick—find a signature piece! Not only will it become a part of your fashion identity, but you can also easily add it to your closet by wearing it in different variations. Iris Apfel has her black-rimmed glasses, while Audrey Hepburn always wore ballet flats—so what will your signature piece be?

Credit: Woman Within

One reliable item is a dress. Although it may sound simple, wearing different variations can add an element of surprise to an outfit. The array of plus-size dresses featured on Woman Within showcase this versatility, with everything from casual shirt dresses and flowing crinkle numbers to stylish maxi dresses and comfortable knits.

Or how about having a scarf as your fashion statement? We’ve previously featured fabulous styling possibilities here on Revolution Gray and different ways you can pull off a single item.

Given all these options, it’s important to take your time when choosing; don’t be afraid to read up about certain items or even try them on at the store.

Happy shopping!

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