Update: Our Second Edition of 25 Gray Hair Bloggers Who Rock is here!

Every once in a while we read something that gets us worked up about women going gray.

Well, we are always worked up about women going gray and its role in shifting society’s definition of beauty, but certain stories and testimonies resonate more than others. Leah Rozen stirred up some excitement a few weeks ago with her awesome New York Times article She’s Done with Washing it Away. And Leanne Italie’s superb piece last year about going gray in the workplace made us all stop and think, That could be me one day. And we can’t forget Dana King, former TV anchor turned artist who undauntedly made the choice to gray in front of millions of viewers.

But it is the smaller voices that excite us the most about the “gray revolution.”

The voices that affect change on a smaller scale, but collectively, make a huge impact on how we define beauty.

This post celebrates the voices of 25 bloggers who are boldly taking on the subject of going gray. They’re intelligent, insightful, and wise. Funny, caring and kind. It’s a privilege to honor them on this site. Sit back, relax and enjoy. Read every last post (take your time….we’re not going anywhere). We promise you won’t be disappointed.

My Year of Going Gray, Naomi Williams

Is it Possible to Go Gray Gracefully? Andrea Burke

An Experiment in Going Gray, Michele O’Neil

Going, Going, Gray, Janet Korff

Going Gray, and What I’m Going to Do About it, Janna Marlies Maron

A Self-less Act: Paving the Way with Gray Hair, Flab, Sags n Wrinkles

50 Shades of Gray….Hair, Lauren

Live and Let Dye, Denise O’Neill

Fear of Having Gray Hair, Annie Kip

Gray Hair, A Luxury Anyone Can Afford, Cathy Hamilton

50 Hairs of Gray, Martha Wood

I’ve Grown Out the Gray, Now What? Amy Bradstreet

Why I Went Gray, Stacey

A Little Gray Hare, Kris

Skunk Tails, Jill

The Gray Area: Chopped, Kristen

BEAUTY DARE: Going Gray on Purpose (When You’re Not 25 Like Rihanna), Krista

Going Grey: Having the Last of the Colour Cut Off, Kama Frankling

To go gray or not to…wait, what is the question? Libby Juliá-Vázquez

Does she or doesn’t she? Thoughts on going gray. Or is it grey? Jamie Miles

I’m Going Gray, Risa Nye

Gray, Amy

Once it Left Off-Black, I Never Went Back: Loving My Gray, M. Lavora Perry

The Saving Grace of Going Gray, Cheryl Katz

Old and Gray? Donna Pekar


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Join our growing community of women who are breaking down aging stereotypes and
creating a fresh perspective toward embracing life after 50.