Keeping up healthy habits that ensure your body stays in top form is crucial when aging. Adding regular exercise, mindful diets, and daily supplements to your day plays a part in keeping you healthy. Honey is an often underappreciated addition to the day that has the potential to benefit you greatly. These are some reasons why you should start taking a spoonful of honey more regularly.

Rich in Polyphenols

Of the large variety that is available, there are several types of honey that consist of flavonoids and phenolic acid. Polyphenols are naturally occurring nutrients in plants and are regularly added to supplements. Flavonoids are rich in antioxidant capabilities and are excellent for those trying to stay healthy. On the other hand, phenolic acid has the potential to act as an anti-inflammatory agent for the body. Though a spoonful of this is not likely to show immediate benefits, fitting it into your daily routine can be worthwhile, given all the nutrients that are naturally found in honey.

Sweeter Than Sugar (In Many Ways)

Two-thirds of a cup of honey equals one cup of sugar in terms of sweetness. With this in mind, using less of this sweetener ends up being healthier. There are even more benefits when using raw honey, as its production process allows it to retain more of its nutrients and antioxidants. Whether you are using it to sweeten your tea and coffee or substituting it for sugar in a baking recipe, honey is an overall better choice to achieve a unique flavor with the same amount of sweetness.

Helps You Sleep

Sleep is still a crucial factor to keep in mind as you get older. Among the many foods that help you sleep, honey is a useful ingredient to take advantage of. Mixing in a spoonful of honey with a fresh cup of hot chamomile tea and milk helps soothe the body. The more relaxed your body is when you go to sleep, the better position you will be in to begin creating melatonin. This powerful combination has several methods of releasing tryptophan from the milk and honey and results in an easier time sleeping.

Maturing is all about keeping a good thing going for as long as possible. Even if you don’t need to use it as a supplement, honey is overall healthier than sugar in the long run and allows you to create the same tasty treats with a unique flavor. By considering these reasons why you should start taking a spoonful of honey, you set your body up for success and can take advantage of its additional nutrients and antioxidant benefits.