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The Great Pyramids, Giza, Egypt

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In the 2007 movie The Bucket List, Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson play a couple terminally ill guys who decide to hit the road and do everything they dreamed of doing before they, well…kick the bucket. Trust me; it’s not as morbid as it sounds. And whether you’re terminally ill or getting ready to retire, or just feeling reflective about your life, you almost certainly have your own list of things that you have always wanted to do.

As you mature and look back on your youth and the years you spent raising your family, you realize how quickly time goes by. It’s easy to continue putting things off—especially things that can be considered “impractical”. However, baby boomers are fortunate enough to have excellent health and plenty of energy well into their retirement years, and it would be worth planning to use that time to really experience the world.

The idea is: No Regrets. Maybe your ‘bucket list’ isn’t a big deal to other people: a trip to the Grand Canyon, or going to cooking school. Maybe you want to write a book, or learn to play the piano. Or, maybe you’d like to see the Taj Mahal. Whatever it is, don’t put it off. Make your list now, and decide on a plan for how you want to accomplish it.