Audrey Hepburn often said that the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years. Time unquestionably passes, but you don’t have to settle into the humdrum of predictability as you slow down in midlife or after retirement. While you can’t turn back the clock, you can continue to take care of your mind, body, and soul as you age gracefully. Physical activity and movement help to improve the quality of your lifestyle, preserve a sense of youthfulness, and promote restful sleep.

The true beauty of a maturing woman is the ability to enjoy where you are at—and keep keen motivation as you step into a different stage of life. Curious about some enjoyable ways to keep moving and grooving? Here are a few of the top ways to stay active as you reach your golden years.

Aquatic Activities: Work the Water

Traditional physical activities involve a wide array of movements. You might have noticed more restrictive movement or a decrease in flexibility—and that’s okay. Your body naturally won’t move as it used to as it gets older. Focus on low-impact activities. Swimming, aquarobics, and water walking are wonderful exercises to put your body through its paces.

Essentially, the pool is equivalent to a 360-degree weight room, with the water’s resistance working out your body without resisting any movement. Aquacise is a popular choice to stay active, stimulate your core muscle groups, and remain gentle on your maturing joints.

Yoga: Practice Mindfulness and Balance

Regardless of your current mobility limits, yoga is one of the top ways to stay active as you reach your golden years. Yoga is a leading choice for many women. The activity is relatively low-impact, targets flexibility and balance—key for older adults—and ranges in a mishmash of skill levels.

A variety of classes and styles are available for your choosing, each offering mindfulness and confidence benefits. Pilates is another slow-paced alternative if you would rather focus on enhancing core strength and stamina.

Biking: Keep the Wheels Turning

Do you feel the lure to keep riding well? Biking with family members or loved ones is a wonderful way to get outside and get your blood pumping. This low-impact cardio activity is another solid choice for balance and stamina training. If you’re not as confident on a traditional bike—never fear. There is an abundance of electric bikes with throttles on the market, offering battery-powered assistance to put the pedal to the metal. You could also try out an electric tricycle for a change. With advanced stability and comfort, touring around town is an absolute breeze.

Building an individual exercise plan isn’t as challenging as it seems. Start small, set goals, grab a buddy, and get moving. Zero in on activities you enjoy to stay active, improve your health, and focus on yourself.