We love our dogs, and we like to spend as much time with them as possible; however, we sometimes have obligations and need someone to look after our pups.

Though boarding your dog is an option, many people prefer not to go down this route if possible. However, dogs are needy in several ways, and those needs entail being let out, fed, and socialized with. It can be difficult to relax when you’re out of town if you’re worried about your dog at home. Here are a few things to consider when hiring a dog sitter to help you and your pup feel at ease when you’re apart.

Closing Off Areas

Even if you get a sitter for your dog, the chances of them being around all of the time are slim. For those times when your dog is left alone, consider having your pup put in a closed-off area of the house. Some people let their dogs roam, while others separate canines from specific parts of the house before leaving.

If caretaker visits are infrequent, you should have your dog put somewhere far away from any dangerous chemicals or materials. Moreover, if your pup is left on solid surface flooring and there happens to be a potty accident, it can be cleaned up easily.

Leaving Explicit Instructions

Dogs count on routines, and you’ve probably worked hard to establish a specified schedule for your furry friend. The more detailed the instructions you leave for your dog sitter, the better. Things to make note of are mealtimes, the quantity of food served, medications that need to be administered and when, how often your dog needs to be walked or allowed outside, and any other information you think the sitter should know, such as leaving the television on or making sure your pup has a specific toy. Anxiety can set in if you’re gone from your pup when routines change.

Making Introductions

When possible, take the time to introduce your dog to new people. If your sitter is a stranger, it’s a good idea to have them over to visit and meet your dog while you’re present. It’s important that your pup can recognize a person, as well as feel your energy toward them. Connecting a dog sitter with your dog ahead of time can help create a bond between the two and make their time together more enjoyable on both ends.

There are many things to consider when hiring a dog sitter. The more comfortable your dog is, the more at ease you’ll feel when you’re away and the easier that transition should be. You know your dog better than anyone, after all; follow your gut and create accommodations that will calm both of your nerves.


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