As you get older, you notice that certain things matter more than others—like prioritizing time for yourself. Hobbies are a great way to put your mind and body to use, no matter what you do. As retirement looms in the nearer future, you should develop interests that truly speak to you. Explore a few of the best hobbies that engage your creative side and see if they appeal to your inner artist.

Hand Lettering

If you have a decently artistic hand, you can put it to use in a low-stakes hobby like hand lettering. The art of calligraphy writing involves technical and creative skills. With a pointed tip and thickly flowing ink, you can create any words or designs you can imagine. All you need is a blank page and time to experiment with your writing flow.

Elegant Embroidery

If you’re a patient, detail-oriented perfectionist who needs a creative outlet where the quality and quantity of your work don’t matter, you should consider embroidery. It is elegant, slow-moving, and rewarding—all things that your day-to-day grind may lack.

Whether you want to create for yourself or develop a legitimate side hustle, you should take a deep dive into the world of embroidery. Before you get started, learn the differences between needlepoint, cross-stitch, and embroidery since each offers a slightly different approach you may prefer over the other.


Do you enjoy creating with technology more than tangible implements? Well, photography might be the perfect hobby for you. Photographers must learn how to capture beautiful moments by adjusting technical specifications, like ISO, shutter speed, aperture size, framing, and more.

You can pull up a computer program in post-processing and further edit and adjust your favorite pictures until you have something you love. And the best part is you can use your photography skills for a side hustle should you want to earn a bit of extra cash while exploring the world.

Deciding which of the best hobbies that engage your creative side to take up will require time and reflection. Once you discover the hobby that interests you the most, you should learn more about creative techniques and artistic opportunities to expand your craft into something more.