We love getting letters like this! Check out Danielle’s e-mail below:


I am 41 years old and have been going gray since about the age of 20 (both my parents grayed prematurely).
And I’ve been coloring it ever since! It has always been a shade of brown and is currently dark brown.
My hair is very thick and curly and grows extremely fast. I start getting white roots after about two weeks. I am tired of the upkeep and think I am finally ready to go for it! But I am very nervous, mostly because of the reaction others give me when I tell them I am thinking about it. Most say “Don’t do it! It will age you!”
I do look younger than 41; most guess 34-35. My husband has been begging me to go natural for some time now; he thinks it would look great, and I do think I could pull it off quite well. I was about to color it tonight (I do it myself) and was just dreading it, so I started researching how to stop coloring gray hair and came upon your website. I surrender!
I am going to consult with a professional colorist this week on how to make the transition.
Thanks for the inspiration,
Danielle Copeland Bethke

Congratulations to Danielle for taking the plunge at 41! When did you stop coloring your hair? What made you do it? We want to know!