We’re willing to do just about anything to keep our gray hair soft and manageable. Have you ever thought about the brush you’re using? Harpers Bazaar thinks it could help to consider using certain kinds of brushes.

Daily brushing and styling can take a toll on your tresses, robbing them of natural oils and leading to breakage. Trade in your plastic brush for one with natural bristles (look for boar), which redistribute oils throughout hair as you brush, boosting shine. “The only time I use anything but a boar-bristle brush is to detangle wet hair,” says Harry Josh, creative consultant for John Frieda Collection. Natural bristles are also less likely to break hairs. Use them consistently for fewer flyaways.

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We found a few brushes that claim to offer shine when used. We’d love to know if anyone has tried any of these below, or others, and had any luck.
The Kent large pure bristle brush gives luster and bounce to healthy hair. It prevents split ends, reduces static, and adds volume and shine. Ideal for creating loose curls in long, thick hair.
The Wet Brush Pro Shine hair brush spreads your natural oil and leaves a shine on your hair.
This Torino Pro brush repairs and minimizes damage, hair loss, and strengthens and reduces frizz by conditioning and adding lustrous shine to make hair softer and more manageable while adding volume.