Going gray is somewhat unconventional, similar to the hobbies and interests of our readers.

Meet Miriam Schottland, an expert driver trainer with 20 years of experience in teaching counter-terrorism, accident avoidance, and high-performance driving and racing at the most prestigious advanced driver training facility in the country. Her clients have included the FBI, DIA, AAA, police departments, the State Department, and the military, as well as drivers who simply wanted to improve their driving skill. Miriam is one of the chief instructors for the Audi Club and has been chief instructor for the Corvette Club, BMW Club, Mazda Club, chief of instructor training for Porsche Club, senior and classroom instructor for Ferrari of Washington and National Auto Sports Association as well as many others. Her story:

I have always loved the color gray. When I was 24 and living in Manhattan, a woman got on a bus and sat across from me. She was dressed in all gray and had grey hair. I thought she was beautiful. Then and there, I decided that when my hair turned gray, I, too, was going to wear nothing but gray.

Now that I am completely gray, that’s the only color for me. All my clothes are gray. My cat is gray. My whole apartment is gray, and both my cars are gray. As a matter of fact, the license plate on my race car is GRY WLF. This matches my ID at the race track where I teach racing, car control, and high-performance driving.

I love being with all the men out at the race track where I am chief instructor for many of the car clubs. It keeps me motivated to look the best I can. I also started my own company, “DriveLab” which keeps me very busy both out at the race track and giving driving seminars.

I don’t know why women begin the “Grandmother Role” when they turn gray. They chop their hair off, get fat and don’t take care of themselves. They fall into the trap that society has laid for them. Hey, not me! Why can’t we Grey Haired Women be sexy too? My advice: Eat right, stay out of the sun, and work out at the gym to keep you strong, shapely, and toned.

Gray women, do not give up! Work on being healthy, sexy and beautiful! It pays off.