We are in love with Beate Knapp fine art portrait photography and her work with several silver and gray haired beauties.

Her story:

Why the Project?

Since my late 20’s my hair is getting white. It started above the forehead and slowly pulled in the years to come over my head and now I’m completely white. In the first time I tried henna. It felt like being too much work, this constantly colorings to prevent from a hairline. This kind of hairline always being a sign of: she is not accepting her natural hair.  I was young enough to let it go.  In the following years, it has never  hesitated with being “heather”.  At the hairdresser I was bored with the remark: That’s not colored, isn’t it? It wasn’t. Indeed.
In the following years, my hair color changed more and more towards white.  

Meanwhile I make sure that my white hair is styled afloat. I have realized that my white hairs make an inward change externally visible.

Why do women decide, not to dye their grey hair?
There were times when nobody even men neither women wanted to have and see gray hair.  There was a kind of “unwritten law”: Grey  = Old.
Today no man makes serious account of the first graying stubble that shimmer through his beard.

And the women?

Getting old is not for wimps. Women are called to let go of familiar and be aware especially for an inner change. That`s my impression.

To accept this change is certainly not always easy.  I’m still practicing and see my white hair as one outward sign of this change in the interior.

I take the “silver-gray” as a sign and design of a decision to accept the natural change.


Just gorgeous pictures! Take a look and enjoy!



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