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Finally. You’ve decided to go gray or silver, but you’re puzzled about the sheen and shine. Where did it go? When hair turns gray or silver, it loses its pigmentation, which can cause it to look dry or dull. You can certainly add back sheen by using certain hair products, shampoos, and conditioners, but healthy hair is also an “inside” job. Even though the pigmentation is gone, your hair still craves certain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to look healthy. One way to give your hair the nutrients it needs? Follow the Paleo eating plan!

The Origins of the Paleo Eating Plan

The Paleo Diet is based on the way the caveman ate during the Paleolithic Era. It focuses on eating real, unprocessed foods that are usually high in fiber and protein, while low in carbohydrates and sugar. Devised by nutrition expert Dr. Loren Cordain the diet plan was first introduced in the late 1970s.

How Does the Paleo Diet Work?

The Paleo Diet involves eliminating most dairy, legumes, grains, and refined sugars from your diet and opting instead for plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean meat, fish, and poultry. Other foods to avoid include refined vegetable oils, including canola, peanuts, potatoes, and salt. However, you can include healthier oils, such as coconut, walnut, and olive oil, nuts, seeds, and eggs in your diet. All great for your hair!

Why is the Paleo Diet Popular Today?

The Paleo Diet is largely popular because it is based primarily on sound nutritional components, avoids processed foods, and leaves you feeling full and not deprived. In recent years, it has developed a following among members of CrossFit, as well as bodybuilders because the high fiber and protein eating plan helps build lean muscle while losing weight, especially fat, without cutting calories. The weight loss aspect also makes it appeal to dieters.

Many health practitioners have also become fans of the Paleo Diet due to the health benefits it provides. For example, most of the foods included in the Paleo Diet contain phytonutrients and antioxidants that have been proven to help fight cancer, as well as prevent heart disease. In addition, the diet avoids many of the culprits such as junk food and fast food that are linked to illnesses and disease.

A Look at the Health Benefits Associated With the Paleo Diet (and there’s a ton!)

  • According to a report released by the Harvard School of Medicine, the Paleo Diet naturally provides a balance of saturated and unsaturated fats that are needed by the cells of the body to properly send messages.
  • The Paleo Diet includes plenty of foods that are packed with omega-3 fatty acids that are crucial for proper brain function, as well as development and growth.
  • The Paleo Diet provides a significant amount of fiber, which improves the flora in the gut. This is critical for healthy digestion. In addition, the minimal amount of sodium and increased water intake decrease abdominal bloating.
  • The Paleo Diet provides you with a wide array of vitamins and minerals, all great for your hair. The numerous veggies that are included in the diet contain plenty of fiber, folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, and much more. In addition to enhancing your immune system, these vitamins and minerals promote healthy skin, hair, and nails.
  • It is rich in healthy saturated and monounsaturated that promote brain function, healthy skin, and decrease systemic inflammation.
  • The energy produced by the combination of healthy fats, proteins, and the minimal amount of glucose is released evenly throughout the day. This keeps blood sugar levels stable.
  • Your intake of biotin, iron, and zinc is greatly increased when following the Paleo eating plan. These nutrients can substantially improve the strength of your hair and nails, as well as enhance the thickness and shine of your hair.
  • Iron deficiency is a contributor to hair loss. The high amount of iron in the Paleo Diet can help resolve hair loss and lead to thicker hair.
  • Egg yolks, which are a good source of biotin, are encouraged when following a Paleo eating plan. Biotin is important for nail health and hair growth.
  • Switching to a Paleo Diet eliminates refined sugar, industrial seed oils, and flour from your diet. These foods, particularly the oils, add excessive amounts of omega-6 fats to your diet, which can alter the normal inflammatory cascade. This can lead to a number of inflammatory skin conditions, such as psoriasis, acne, and eczema. Eliminating them can decrease inflammation and calm your skin.
  • The Paleo Diet includes several foods that are responsible for collagen building. Collagen improves the smoothness and elasticity of the skin.
  • The Paleo Diet is a great way to lose and control your weight!

Ready to Get Started with the Paleo Eating Plan? (aff)

Paleo RestartThere are tons of Paleo eating plans out there, but we found one we really love that brings ease to following the plan with the help of a little technology. It’s called Paleo Restart and it’s your perfect Paleo online “personal coach” that guides you through the eating plan so you don’t need to worry about the details.


Paleo Restart guides you through a 30-day jump start program that can be restarted as many times as you’d like, all for a one-time low cost! You’ll be provided with specially crafted meal plans, shopping lists, lots of tips and inspiration, all on your computer or mobile device (compatible with an iPhone, iPad, or Android device). You get a private dashboard, daily meal plan, tons of recipes, and an online journal.


With the purchase of Paleo Restart, you’ll be able to do three completely different 30-day restarts. After a third time, you can still do new 30-day restarts as many times as you’d like and use all of the tools provided, except that previous meal plans and information will come back in a rotation.

What do you think? We thought you’d really like it. Get started with Paleo Restart today!

(As with any change in your health practices, be sure to consult with a healthcare practitioner before beginning this eating plan.)

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