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Are your kids grown and out of the house?  Just cooking for one or two?

Eating out is an option, but it’s not always healthy and easy on the wallet.  Have you ever thought about a meal subscription plan?  I’ve spent many evenings staring in my pantry or refrigerator to hunt for something to cook.  Meal subscription plans send ready-to-prepare meal kits that include fresh ingredients, seasonings, and sauces. Most meal subscription plans allow you to select different meals weekly and offer a nice selection of different meal plans including low-calorie, vegetarian, vegan, low-carb, keto, paleo and Mediterranean. Simple and easy!

I’ve been wanting to try a meal subscription plan since becoming an empty nester and only cooking for two. My curiosity led me to Green Chef, a meal subscription plan specializes in meals that are prepared with organic, sustainable ingredients.

My first order included three keto style meals.  All the ingredients arrived on a Monday in a well-insulated box.

It took about five minutes to sort everything and refrigerate.  Super easy.

Each meal comes with a gorgeous, easy-to-follow cooking instruction card, and its ingredients are nicely labeled, so you know what to use for each meal.

Preparing the meals were a cinch, and they tasted delicious.

Green Chef is a bit pricey (range from $60-90 per week for six meals), but I’m okay with paying a bit more for organic, sustainable ingredients and the gourmet-like fare.  My only recommendation would be to make meals a bit more keto-friendly by increasing the fat and reduce the carbs. For now, they pass.

Green Chef gets two thumbs up from the hubby and one and 1/2 thumbs from me (can be higher with a shift to a true keto meal).  Here are a few pics of our meals.

Persian Sole

Tuna wraps

Here are a few other meal subscription options:


Freshly is a gourmet meal subscription service that delivers meals that are all natural and gluten-free.  No preparation needed. Just stick them in the microwave for 2-3 minutes and eat.  The meals are free from refined sugars and high in protein and veggies.

3 meals per week for two – $69.00

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is a competitively priced meal subscription plan that offers a standard and vegetarian version. The ingredients come in large bags with smaller bags inside which eliminates sorting.

3 meals per week for two – $54.94


Plated offers a selection of randomly picked meals based on your preference.  You can rate meals on your account and increase the chance of an encore offering.

3 meals per week for two  – $72.00

Blue Apron

Blue Apron specializes in preparing meals with farm-fresh produce, hormone-free meat, and sustainable seafood.  They also have a wine subscription plan!

3 meals per week for two – $59.94

Meal Subscription Plan Tips: 

Not all meal subscriptions services are available in every state, or internationally.  Make sure that the meal subscription plan is available in your area.

A lot of meal subscription plans allow you to skip a week which helps if you are traveling or your schedule changes.  Be sure to find out the cut off date for meal skipping.

Look for a company that ships your food in a well-insulated box.  If you’re not home to receive your package, you’ll want the food to sit outside for a while safely.  This is especially important during the warmer the months.

All in all, meal subscription plans are a great way to shorten your grocery store trips and eliminate your meal planning time.  As an empty nester, I’m hooked! Have you tried one?  Let me know!