Every day, in some way, we try our best to look as attractive as possible whether it be to impress others or simply for ourselves. We get the perfect haircut to frame our face, we choose the perfect outfit that compliments our body, we wax our eyebrows to get the perfect set of brows, and so much more so that we feel more confident with ourselves.

But sometimes that’s not enough, especially when it comes to our lips. Clever makeup tricks to make your lips look fuller will only get you so far. But you’ll be surprised to know that today there are several options for achieving fuller and poutier lips that can enhance your everyday look and bring fullness back.

One such procedure that is the latest hot topic on everyone’s lips (pun intended) is the Botox lip flip, a potential alternative to lip fillers. In this article, we explore the lip flip procedure, its possible side effects, how it differs from lip fillers, and everything you should consider before getting one.

lip flip treatement for women over 50

What is a Botox lip flip?

A botox lip flip is a common non-invasive cosmetic procedure that lasts about ten to twenty minutes. While the word ‘flip’ in the name of this procedure may mislead you to think that this may be a complicated procedure, the word ‘flip’ is only used because it simply rhymes with lip.

In fact, the procedure is very simple, the results of which are very subtle. This popular and promising trend in beauty treatments involves the injection of Botox into your upper lip to allow it to relax and roll slightly upwards, enhancing the look of your upper lip.

For those who are hesitant of more invasive surgeries or want a more subtle enhancement of the shape of their lips, lip flips are an excellent option to achieve a pouty look.

How does a lip flip work?

A lip flip involves a series of injections of a type of abobotulinumtoxin A, (more commonly known as Botox) into your Cupid’s bow, which is essentially the middle of your upper lip, and into the corners of your mouth where the orbicularis oris muscles exist. This temporarily relaxes these muscles over the upper lip, causing the lip to roll slightly upwards giving the subtle illusion of fuller and more defined lips.

Lip flips are designed to amplify the definition and apparent volume of your upper lip, especially if you have a thin or overworked upper lip, creating a more symmetrical smile. For individuals with smiles that expose much of their gums, lip flips are an excellent option because the treatment weakens your upper lip elevator muscles known as levator labii superioris. Hence, fewer gums are shown when an individual smiles after a lip flip.

The pros and cons of getting a Botox lip flip

lip flip vs lip filler for women over 50

While a lip flip is a proven treatment that shows definitive effects, the procedure requires an expert physician to carry it out to avoid any possible side effects. If done incorrectly, a lip flip can affect the way you talk and smile by damaging the integrity of your upper lip.

Ultimately, a lip flip might not be for everyone so make sure you aren’t just hopping on the trend, but actually do your research before considering getting one.

To make things easy for you, we’ve put together a shortlist of the pros and cons of getting a lip flip, so that you have a better idea of whether the procedure may be the right option for you.


  • The procedure enhances the natural look of your lips without adding volume in the form of fillers.
  • It is minimally invasive.
  • There’s no commitment to the procedure. It lasts up to 3-4 months.
  • It can treat a gummy smile.
  • It can improve the symmetry of your smile if you have thin upper lips.
  • Lip flips are relatively cheap (between $80 – $500).
  • There’s little to no recovery period after the surgery. You can return to your everyday life right after getting the lip flip.
  • The procedure is quick and not painful. You can be in and out in around 20 minutes.


  • A lip flip doesn’t last long (months not years) which means that consistent upkeep is required to maintain its effects.
  • Effects of the treatment are seen about a week after the procedure.
  • Swelling and short-term numbness or bruising may occur at the site of the injection.
  • There is no reversal for the procedure, unlike fillers which can be dissolved.

Lip flip vs. fillers

While the ultimate goal of both procedures is to enhance the fullness of your lips, a lip flip is very different from a dermal lip filler.

While lip flips only enhance your lips apparent volume, a dermal filler will actually add volume to your lips with the injection of a filler into your lips. This is what Robert Applebaum, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon with his own private practice had to say about the difference between lip fillers and a lip flip:

“This procedure is a lot different from a lip filler procedure, which involves injections of thick filler material such as hyaluronic acid directly into the lips. Lip flips also tend to look more natural than fillers.”(1)

The injection of hyaluronic acid into your skin, in the case of a lip filler, gives your skin a more structured and hydrated appearance. On the flip side (pun intended, again), lip flips involve the injection of a small amount of Botox into the muscles above your upper lip so that they relax and your lip rolls slightly upwards.

This just creates the illusion that your lips are fuller and plump in shape and size without actually increasing their volume. Lip fillers also last for a longer time than lip flips. A lip filler can last up to a year and its results can also be seen instantly. Unfortunately, this also means that a lip filler is more expensive than a lip flip because it produces longer-lasting results.

pros and cons of lip flip for women over 50

Summary of lip flip

A lip flip is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure designed to produce the illusion of plump and fuller lips. Not only are they a more affordable option than lip fillers but they also last for a much shorter time period which means that there’s no long-term commitment to it. Schedule a consultation with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to learn more about lip flips.

What should you not do after a lip flip?

Following a lip flip, it’s best that you avoid putting pressure on your lips. This includes avoiding kissing, lip makeup, sleeping facedown, and rubbing your lips. You should also avoid smoking or alcohol after the procedure to reduce the risk of infection.

What does a lip flip feel like?

A lip flip is a quick and low pain procedure. Some people have described the sensation of the procedure to be like having a pimple on your lip. You may also feel slight numbness and swelling on your upper lip.



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