Living in a youth-obsessed society can lead you to believe that the majority of clients just say no to gray hair. However, the tables are starting to turn, and more people are embracing their gray locks! In fact, salon owner Rebecca Erickson adds, “As their gray hairs become noticeable, about one in three of my clients show curiosity about going natural.” As a stylist, you can help make this transition comfortable for your clients.

Since going gray is a gradual process, you have the opportunity to walk them through all the steps!

As tiny gray hairs begin to form, you can begin the initial conversations with your client to see if they want to hide it or flaunt it! Once a client expresses their desire to embrace gray hair, give them various options to pick from such as coloring the rest of the hair gray or adding gray highlights. This way the client feels involved in the decision.

Explaining the value can also ease a client’s mind about going gray.

Constantly dyeing hair is costly for today’s consumer. “Going Gray Author Anne Kreamer describes why she gave up color: “I estimated that I spent about $65,000 on hair color over a 25-year period. If I had invested that money, my daughters’ college education or my retirement would have been taken care of.” Therefore, choosing to embrace the gray can be a great alternative for clients that are financially strapped.

A seasoned stylist understands that maintaining gray hair is different from colored hair.

However, your client may not be aware of the changes they need to make in their hair regiment. This is an excellent opportunity for you to educate your client by providing them with products and advice that will enhance their new look. Salon owner Lisa Chiccine suggests, “If you’re just starting to go gray, use a vegetable dye or a semipermanent glaze. Both will stain a lot of the gray, and when the color starts to fade, you won’t have a root line.”

Once their hair goes completely gray, you can give them new styling techniques that accentuate their tresses. You can also provide clients with makeup tips to complement their new look.


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