According to this infographic, being a woman isn’t cheap, but growing out gray hair after coloring can equate to big savings. Anne Kreamer, the author of Going Gray, estimated that she spent about $65,000 on hair color over a 25-year period. And according to a recent survey on our Facebook page, by growing out gray hair and ditching the dye, our readers save anywhere from $700 – $1200 a year. Just think of what you could do with all that hard-earned money!

Here are a few things that could put $1000 to good use:

Start-up cost for a business
A family vacation
A wardrobe makeover
A living or family room upgrade
A new laptop
Eight to ten pairs of shoes
Eight to ten manicures and pedis
10-15 hours of massage
A one to two-year gym membership
A donation to your favorite charity

Here are a few facts to consider, from WalletPop:

  • A whopping 70 percent of consumers color their hair to cover up their grays, said Meri Scals, founder of
  • Consumers nationwide send an average of $61.73 on permanent hair dye each time they go to the salon, estimated the Professional Beauty Association. Do the math (touch-ups eight times a year), and that’s almost $500 a year.
  • Dyeing at home costs between $7 and $10 each time. Though not nearly as costly as going to a professional, those figures still add up.

Imagine saving anywhere from $50 to $500 a year. Talk about a nice rainy day fund. Just $50 can buy a couple of bottles of Phyto Phytargent or Aveda Blue Malva. (aff)


Let us know what you would do with money saved from ditching the dye!