Hesistant to go gray? What if 100 people gave you some words of encouragement?

We asked our wonderful community on Facebook the following:

Share one thing you’d love to tell a woman who is fearful of going gray.

Here is how they responded: (unedited Facebook comments)

It’s beautiful freedom given to you, be you and embrace it!

Get an edgy style, not an old lady cut!!!

Quit lookin’ at yourself so dang much. Contentment is the best beauty regimen.

The big worry is that it will make you look older. It won’t. The next big worry is that the color won’t be pretty. It will be uniquely yours and it will compliment you beautifully. You will be thrilled at the new health of your hair and scalp. You will love the freedom from being tied to dye.

Just do it! People will say you look more beautiful than ever and will stop you to ask about your hair. Somehow I feel more confident in my skin now. I love my silver hair!

Get ready for compliments everywhere you go!

It takes patience to let it grow out, but the color you end up with will be unique to you……no two shades of gray are alike.

You save a lot of time and money!

It is remarkably freeing, try it with a foot tattoo (at 70) and a pair of Harry Potter glasses and the fears simply melt away.

It is the most freeing experience I have ever felt. To accept your gray hair is accepting yourself. It is like making peace with yourself. You realize you are not your hair. And people recognize the peace from within. An inner beauty. I have had so many compliments. I felt I was in bondage to my hairdresser all the time. Worrying about my appt dates. No more. Love love love it.


Gray is sexy…

You probably earned your gray, wear your gray with pride!

Be who and what you are, because those that matter don’t mind, and those that mind don’t matter!!

It’s just hair…if you don’t like it (and you will!), you can go back, or purple or blue!

Be proud, not everyone gets to experience it..

Silver hair is beautiful. It makes you look like a shining angel.

Don’t worry about it…worrying…is prob. what made it turn that what…lol…aaah-kidding…Real men…see past a little gray…really!…Did ya’ know…that the majority of people…start getting 2-3 or so..gray hairs…in their 30s…lol…saying-with love!

100-reasonsJust try it………..no more harsh chemicals running through your head…….and you feel so liberated

Yes, I agree trendy haircut and no more coloring you will feel empowered I did.

What if she looks as good as my dear friend Denise Alvarez, she’s got nothing to be afraid of!

My salt and pepper, mostly salt, hair was cut this week into a spike on top, about an inch high, ears cut out, and back so short you can’t get a handful. It’s cooler, easier to shampoo, and just air dries. Love it!

If my hair would go silver I would be happy but mine would go kind of an icky salt and pepper, I will never be gray, my Aunt who passed away in her 90s said…….never be gray be the color you want to be preferably a red head…….

It sure is easier to deal with.

Ruff ruff … u silver fox

I’ve had lots of people, younger than me (I’m only 44) how much younger it makes me look!

I have been told..it’s not gray.. it’s silver and silver is beautiful.

For some odd reason …don’t know why…I think it looks better on me and I love it.

Why cover up your unique pattern?

It is totally liberating….it’s wisdom…..it’s me… more beautiful than ever

Natural is beautiful!

Gray is deep beauty.

No words of wisdom; just lazy and would never have time to keep up with the roots. Life is too short.

I think the silvery gray is so beautiful on a woman. Please grow gray gracefully. It’s the beauty from God that shows you have wisdom!

You will wonder why you did not do it sooner.

You’d be amazed at the results and will embrace it!

You’ll save lots of money on frequent salon visits. You’ll gain your self-respect for being a true you. Your makeup needn’t be too overdone to match dyed colors, you’ll actually need less as your skin tone will be more natural as well. You can sport edgy hairdos and rock the silvers until your hair is fully transitioned and then you’ll have people complimenting the natural softness of your hair. You will gain confidence…I assure you. Freedom to be yourself is a grand thing.

You will be so much happier and won’t have a scalp covered with chemicals.

I have never had so many compliments on my hair. I love my hair and the way I feel now.

You really won’t know what color it is until you let it go natural, you just may be pleasantly surprised at the fabulous natural color you’ve been covering up!!

You will never look back. It is truly liberating!

I love my silver and have from day one! I truly believe that nothing can or will ever happen to cause me to dye my hair again. I even enjoyed my journey to silver over 11 years ago !!!

Don’t let your hairstylist convince putting dark black lo lights to your newly grown silver hair because “it will be more youthful”!!!!

I still love u no matter what color u will be, stay as sweet as u are, love u!!!!!!!!!!

Dye Baby, Dye…..

Get a good hairdresser to help you through the process and you’ll not only feel liberated from the dye but really happy with the ‘real’ you

SHINE like never before and don’t hide your crown, like so many “fearful people” * try to do* … boldness is a good thing!

It happens to the best of us. or just think of all the other pretty colors it could be.

I don’t know why, but gray-haired women are very beautiful. Maybe it is because they have reached a height from which they can look upon life through the eyes of experience. Maybe because they know the real value of things. Maybe it’s because I just want to….. .

Just do it and embrace it…then wait for the compliments…

Can never get this color out of a bottle!!

I was spending thousands of $$ every year to be a redhead..not to mention the hours at the salon. My husband loved my red hair but once he read about the potential link between the chemicals and bladder cancer he convinced me to let it go natural. Still growing out but the silver color is glorious and no regrowth a week after coloring. I can wear any style and not worry about regrowth!! And I am discovering a new color pallet of clothes and makeup I can now wear!!

Do it!

Think of all the money you’ll save!!

It is chic:-)

The freedom from roots!

I feel so free…I love being a “Natural Woman”!

Nature is the best painter. Everybody asks me in which salon I dye my hair, they cannot believe me that they are natural!

Embrace your current reality. Experience the freedom of letting nature do what it do. It is sooooo liberating.

I am salt and pepper now with a great streak in the front; I love it!!

Total freedom!!! I wear mine very long, almost to my waist and receive compliments daily. Can we say virgin hair after 30 years of coloring!!!

who are you fooling

Once you go gray there is no other way!

I let my hair be it’s natural graying color…because..my crazy outlook on life and my surroundings will always be 16!

I decided when I let my hair go grey just to embrace it and let it grow as it would. I suggest this to anyone. Be bold.

The beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that should be the man you have LOVED while both turn gray still hand in hand together till the end of time.

Got my first gray hair in high school… Never colored it in my life. I have gotten compliments on my hair my whole life and I’ve never spent a fortune on it. You will look a whole lot better if your hair looks natural, it will look way more beautiful!

Do you want to look good or FABULOUS?!?! Silver/white hair is definitely fabulous! And can make you more than special. Whatever color you’re putting on it doesn’t look 1/10 as great as your natural silver will look!!

Love the many shades of grey.

Worth I love mine and I have quite a bit of grey and I am 34. I say get a great, fun cut and give your hair colour a rocking name. Mine is Gunpowder and Lace!

goes great with your silver jewelry!

Trail read what Proverbs says about gray hair !!!!!

I’d tell them my friend Bonnith did it and she looks fabulous.

At least there won’t be a hell toupee!

Just do it. You will love it!

I have total strangers stopping me on the street to tell me how beautiful my hair is.

If it doesn’t work for you-color it!

Don’t color it; you can be cool, cute, and young looking with it. I know, because I colored it and am still working on going gray.

Many men find a touch of gray sexy

I’ve had – colored hair, permed hair, dyed and most recently no hair – be grateful for what you have – gray or not….

no cancer from hair dye? Free, honest, true, easy, economical.

No way gray hair for me!

Gray hair is better than having no hair during chemo!

Gray is chic!

I’m growing mine long. My fear had been, how it would affect my dating prospects. Went out on a date recently, and the man so loved my hair and made me promise NOT to colour it… This pic was taken in the shade but it’s very light colour in the sun. Three other men have smiled at me appreciatively and said “You don’t have anything to worry about. You look lovely.”…….See, it doesn’t make a difference…….And to the ones it might, who needs men like that!

When I was little I had such blonde hair it looked like it was silver. I had dark hair as a young adult. Now it is turning a shiny white and it is just like it was when I was a little girl. I love it and it is very freeing.

Broz I started to Gray early, became a slave to color.. finally decided to set my self free !!! @ George Bruno… Men are sexy gray !!!

Reject all stereotypical notions of “beauty.”

It’s not a bad thing. My favorite way to wear my hair is long, it’s currently at my waist, lighter gray on top, but gray runs through it throughout. I get compliments on it, and I love it, it looks good. I feel free to be me and wish I hadn’t wasted years dyeing it

It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself! I love my gray! I’m very pleased not to be putting chemicals on my scalp every few weeks, too!

My mother had beautiful salt and pepper, then gray, hair and she received lots of compliments. I tell myself mine looks just like hers! Think of someone you know with gorgeous, naturally gray hair and realize that yours is just as beautiful.

I’ve gotten more positive comments on my gray sprinkled hair than any other color I’ve had!

I love my grey!! Cute edgy cut is fun!

Don’t be- do it!!

Think of yourself, not what others think.

It’s not an easy journey but it feels liberating. I’m in my sixth month of going gray.

You’ll look ten years younger. That is what I am told on a regular basis.

I always wanted white hair since I was a child and saw my aunt. She looked like an angel to me. I have salt and pepper grey hair and I love it. I get a lot of comments on how nice it is.

Like framing a black and white line drawing with a dark frame to accentuate the line drawing, dark hair does the same thing by accentuating any and all wrinkles and lines in your face…Letting your hair lighten naturally is the way to eliminate this.

I save money by going natural and I like it natural.

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