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My first gray hairs were noticed as a teenager. I was constantly told, “You’re too young. You should dye it.” I started the slavery to salon dyeing at about 35 years old. By 45, I had enough of the constant maintenance trying to hide what my hair was insisting on being! I had my hair cropped really short in an attempt to grow out whatever the real color would be. After a few weeks, the two-tone color was so horrible that I took my horse clippers and shaved my head. It looked bad but no worse than the two-tone crop! I wore a ball cap and stuck it out. It was a rough six months, but at that point, I got a glimpse of the amazing gift I had tried so hard to hide.

A year into the transition, I grew a classic bob with the most astonishing silver hair. And it was mine. As it grew, I was in constant amazement over this gift, and how life-changing the whole process really was. I felt like I finally got it. I was finally wise enough to listen to my body instead of what society said I should do. Choosing to go gray gave me the confidence to be me. I am part hippie and part cowgirl, so my natural graying long hair suits me and my lifestyle perfectly!

One of the cutest comments on my hair came from my daughter’s friend. She asked her, “Who was that lady with the long silver hair at your apartment? I want my hair to be like that when my hair is gray!” It was then I realized, Wow. Not only are 20-year-olds noticing beautiful gray
hair on older women, they visualize themselves going gray instead! It felt great to be who I was.

Women stop me to ask how to transition, and they want to know how I did it. The only way I can answer is this—it’s a personal journey. Everyone does it differently. But more than the beautiful hair, you also gain wisdom, become a role model, and as a bonus, turn lots of heads along the way–whether you like it or not.

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