About three years ago while presenting at a Blog Her Business Conference, I noticed a very attractive woman walking across the room. She caught my eye instantly. She had beautiful gray hair, almost all the way down her back. She looked to be in her late 30s. As I always do with every gray-haired beauty I see, I approached her and said, “Your hair is beautiful!” Most people I approach say, “Um….thank you??” She smiled and said thanks. While I was presenting, she raised her hand to ask a question and mentioned her name was Liz Rizzo. Liz Rizzo?

Wait a minute…I knew this woman!!

She was one of our Color Me Gray eBook gals, but not ever meeting Liz in person, I didn’t recognize her. After the presentation, I introduced myself, we laughed about the crazy virtual world we lived in, and we’ve kept in touch ever since.

And I must say, Liz is a knockout. The picture above is beautiful, but Liz is strikingly beautiful in person. She’s been blogging about going gray since 2008 (she started at age 38), and her pictures and stories have served as a great source of inspiration for this site, as well as our Color Me Gray ebook.

A few snippets from her stories that I love:

“It was natural. It was all mine.”

“And one year, three months, and 15 days after the last time I dyed my hair one solid color to cover my grays, I was free.”

“And then one day, my gray hair was completely grown in, and I fell in love.”