As you mature in your later years, you tend to find more activities to do in your spare time. Depending on what you enjoy, you might consider:

  • Taking up walking with your friends
  • Starting a book club
  • Joining poker night with the gals

Alternatively, a few of your lovely friends take up crafty hobbies in their spare time. Maybe their birthday is on the horizon, but you’re unsure what to get them. Provided are gift ideas for crafty people in your life.

A Flick of the Wrist

Paint Supplies

When it comes to self-expression, it’s no wonder artists love taking up paint—a difficult medium to master but incredibly rewarding when done right. Finding a canvas and color set is an easy gift to offer your painter friends.

Molding Clay

If you have friends that love working with their hands, consider gifting them polymer clay. It’s oven safe and accessible for newbies and experienced clay masters.

Charcoal and Pencils

Surprisingly, some artists can sit for hours and doodle beautiful sketches. Considering gift ideas for crafty people in your life, a sketch artist is always grateful for extra drawing pencils and charcoals.

Fashion Forward

It isn’t a surprise if there are a couple of knitters and sewers among your crew. If you happen to have a few, there are numerous options online for knit fabric patterns.

If they don’t sew, then crochet is another avenue. Providing a basket of yarn and crochet needles is always appreciated.

Take It Outside

Being cooped up indoors can restrain an artist, so enjoying the outdoors brings them closer to nature. Gardening is incredibly creative, so don’t hesitate to purchase extra garden tools and supplies for your green-thumbed friends.

If they don’t like getting their hands dirty, some crafty friends love to capture their memories by taking up photography. Memory cards, camera accessories, and an editing software package are incredible gifts.

It’s never too late to take up new hobbies in your later years. You begin new ventures and seek unexplored avenues upon reaching your midlife, and crafty pursuits are accessible to anyone. All you must do is pick up a pencil and go.