Once I had grown out my dyed colour, I quickly learned that it is not enough to go grey and expect to wear the same colours in clothing and makeup. I had to look at my colour palette and discovered that I could no longer wear warm autumnal colours like browns, creams, beige, green and yellow because these simply did not go with grey.
In fact, they look terrible with my grey hair! I had to re-stock my wardrobe with cool colors to match my new look, i.e., black, charcoal, certain blues, aubergine, purple, certain pinks, white. The bottom line for me is to avoid colours that contain any warm yellowy tones.

What I’ve Learned About Makeup

I had to look at my makeup and learned to highlight my face so that it did not look washed out. I use a slightly lighter foundation both in colour and texture, some pink/natural blusher, smokey/taupey/silvery eyeshadows, charcoal grey eyeliner, black mascara, and pink/natural lipstick. I learned to define my eyes and lips so that they stand out but in a natural way to complement the lighter hair around my face

Caring for My Grey Hair

I find that my grey hair can get a bit dull over time, and in order to keep the white strands vibrant, I used a shampoo specifically for grey hair once a week (or just when I notice that it needs to be done). I also wash my hair daily with a deep clarifying shampoo mixed with a little 2 in 1 shampoo which keeps it clean and prevents build-up of product over time which can make hair look dull. I find that the texture of my hair is quite fragile, so I try to avoid, as much as possible, using electric straighteners which can be damaging.