In the past, finding a gray hair was a tragic occasion that left plenty of women grieving for their younger years. Not anymore! More and more women are fully embracing their natural silvery strands, and in some cases, women are choosing to have their hair dyed gray. How did something that once considered to be a devastating event turn into the going gray trend that is sweeping North America and Europe? Even more importantly, why should you jump on the going gray bandwagon? Let’s look at ten reasons you should opt to go gray or silver.

1. It is real.

Few people would deny that we live in a world obsessed with youth and appearance. Unfortunately, frequent trips to the plastic surgeon, hairstylist, nutritionist, and more in an attempt to erase time is a losing battle that leaves many women miserable. By following the going gray trend, you are essentially telling the world, “This is the real me. I’m going to embrace my wisdom and maturity while remaining strong, sexy, and happy.”

2. It gives women an air of sophistication.

Sure, gray hair used to be a sign that a woman was getting old and letting herself go, but that is no longer the case. More often than not women who have gone gray are viewed as sexier, classier, and more confident. Want proof? Simply look at a recent photo of Helen Mirren, Jamie Lee Curtis, or Judi Dench. Even Kate Moss is embracing gray. Although she hasn’t gone completely gray, she’s definitely letting it shine through.

3. It is a bold way to proudly flaunt your age.

Why not own your age? Not only does going gray give you a hint of boldness and fearlessness, but it also shows that you are proud of your age and everything you have done to get to this stage in your life.

4. Honestly, it’s just hair.

The truth is that going gray isn’t permanent unless you decide it is. Try out your new silver strands and if you decide that you simply don’t like it, head to your favorite hairstylist for help.

5. You’ll save time and money.

If you secretly have gray hair that is hidden behind the work of an excellent hairstylist, maybe it’s time to embrace your real color. Think of all the money you will save by not having to go for frequent touch-ups to keep your silver from shining through. Plus, you can totally dedicate your new free time to something you love.

6. It is a liberating experience.

By accepting your gray, you are essentially accepting yourself and are likely to come to peace with yourself. After all, you are not your hair, but you can wear it with pride.

7. Gray is often viewed as powerful.

While we know that men with salt and pepper hair are often seen as more powerful, you may be surprised to find out that women are too. For instance, former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius states that she feels she is taken more seriously in the workplace as a result of her silver strands.

8. It can result in a strikingly chic look.

Coupling gorgeous silver hair with a more modern hairstyle can completely change your appearance for the better, and it’s a great way to switch up a look you have grown tired of. You may be shocked by all the turned heads.

9. It reduces the footprint you leave on the earth.

Think about all the chemicals that are in hair dye (what is p-Phenylenediamine?), as well as the bottles of dye, packaging, water, and more that are used when you dye your hair a different color. By simply embracing your hair color, you have eliminated excess garbage and saved water. That’s always a good thing, right?

10. It provides a cohesive and elegant look.

If your hair is going gray, chances are, your eyebrows are too. Unless you are planning on dying your eyebrows as well, you are probably going to look a tad strange with gray eyebrows and your signature red (or blond, etc.) hair. Let them match and see how amazing you look. Best of all, it takes far less effort too!

Today’s the day! Are you going to follow the going gray trend?











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Join our growing community of women who are breaking down aging stereotypes and
creating a fresh perspective toward embracing life after 50.