Color Me Gray eBook

Women all over the world are embracing beautiful, lustrous shades of silver, white, pewter, and charcoal for their hair, and now, they’re sharing their personal journey in the new eBook Color Me Gray: Inspirational Stories from Women Gone Gray.

Color Me Gray features stories from over 20 women, tips from stylists about gray/silver hair care, as well as insight from life coaches about living authentically. Color Me Gray is an inspiration to women everywhere who want to live out loud and show their true beauty.

What Readers are Saying…

“Worth every penny! The pictures are beautiful. The hairstyles for gray hair are amazing. The women are absolutely gorgeous and their stories are so inspiring!”

– T.H., Maryland

“I got the e-book and loved the stories! Yesterday, I went to my stylist and after brainstorming, we came up with a plan. I feel more beautiful than I have since my 40s!! And folks who think gray is “old” just don’t know the secret yet. Thank you!!!!”

– Taryn

“It was a great ebook, and after I’d read it, I did grow out the dye. I have been going grey since my early twenties, and just got fed up of colouring it. I grew it out to a couple of inches, and then went really short, it’s below my shoulders now. I get compliments on it all the time, from complete strangers, and from friends and family.”

– K.E., England

We really loved putting this eBook together, just for you! Inside, you’ll find 24 inspirational and heartfelt stories from women who have “ditched the dye.”

“I needed encouragement from others who have taken the Rite of Passage to embrace their gray/white. I’ve been coloring my hair for 32 years. At 52 and a professional in the workforce, it took me 3 years and a lot of research to finally stop coloring and accept it. I had my hair cut short, and highlights put on to make the transition faster and less noticeable. LOVE IT! Thanks to others such as testimonies in your eBook and on this website, I am finding strength in numbers!”

– E.B., Aurora, CO

“I had been thinking about letting my hair go to its natural color for some time and read books including the Color Me Gray ebook. I love my hair and am now growing it out. I am constantly getting compliments, am 52 and I do not think it’s aged me. I’ve always been told how beautiful I am and now in my life I feel beautiful inside and out.”

– A.J., Massachusetts

“Loved the ebook! I have gone completely natural (silver/white) at the tender age of 58 now… It had been 30 plus years of covering my hair with color. I had no idea what it looked like!”

– D.W., Oregon City, Oregon

“I really enjoyed reading the eBook. It has been very inspiring & motivating! ”


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Join our growing community of women who are breaking down aging stereotypes and
creating a fresh perspective toward embracing life after 50.