Sometimes, life can be a bit on the slow side, and that gets to everyone. It can feel stale, and you might find yourself wanting a bit more excitement. There’s nothing wrong with that! Life is ever-changing, and being stuck is the exact opposite of that. However, the trick to changing your life is not some grand shift in lifestyle, nor is it a continuation of daily life. You have to find the balance between the two extremes—you want something stimulating and different but also not too dangerous. Here are some of the best midlife crisis hobbies to consider that fit this bill.


Becoming a pilot is a hobby that can shake up your life in a healthy way. Learning to fly is no easy task, but it doesn’t require years of knowledge and training, so you can devote yourself to the craft quite easily. Being up in the air can be exhilarating and liberating at the same time. Plus, it allows you to travel at your own leisure by renting a plane. The only downside is that it’s difficult to learn the skills on your own. Instead, try finding a good flight class that can help you soar.


Archery might seem like an odd hobby, but it’s a physical sport that many have likened to meditation. Lining up a shot and releasing an arrow takes so much focus that the world can just fade away. Plus, there are plenty of archery clubs where you can meet new people and engage in friendly competition.


Hiking and walking are great hobbies on their own, but foraging takes it to the next level. Instead of just walking around, you can travel in a group hunting for all sorts of fun and interesting plants. Even eating what you have found is an experience. Be warned, though, that this is a dangerous hobby to do alone, so make sure you travel with a group and forage only what you can identify.


Chess is a hobby that pits your mind against others’. It’s a true test of logic and strategy as you play against another person. It takes years to master, but with the internet, you can find opponents at any time and on every level. Although chess is not as physical as the other hobbies, you’ll have plenty of fun challenging yourself and learning a whole new skill.

Now, these are just a few of the best midlife crisis hobbies to consider. There are plenty more that can break up the monotony of life. Just keep trying out new hobbies and looking for new groups of friends until you find the one that fits you.

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Join our growing community of women who are breaking down aging stereotypes and
creating a fresh perspective toward embracing life after 50.