Over the years, we’ve received many requests to create a directory of hair salons and stylists that are gray or silver hair-friendly.  We are excited to announce we are giving it a shot.  And we’re even more excited about connecting you with salons and stylists that have been recommended by our readers.

We are currently looking for readers to refer us to hair salons and stylists in the following cities:

Los Angeles, CA
Seattle, WA
Washington, DC
Denver, CO
Dallas, TX
Houston, TX
Chicago, IL
New York, New York (all boroughs)
Atlanta, GA
Portland, OR
Orlando, FL
Referrals from all other cities are welcomed!
Directory listings are by referral only.
We want to make sure all potential clients are being referred to salons and stylist by happy and satisfied clients who are either gray/silver or currently transitioning.  Having all listings by referral was the best way to do this.
Would you like to refer a hair salon or stylist?
If you are a hair salon or stylist, would you like for us to reach one of your clients for a referral?
Do you want to know when the directory is live?
Just go to http://styleitgray.com, join our email list, and we’ll be in touch shortly.
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