“They treated me like a queen!” Carolyn said of the service at Jean Louis David salon in Florence, Italy.

One of our readers recently found herself in beautiful Florence when she realized her hair was just “not working.” Fortunately, Italy is a pretty perfect place to be when you’re having a bad hair day.

Carolyn went straight to a salon on the River Arno, where two hairdressers expressed love for her gray hair.

“The blond did the work with an electric shaver, and the managers looked on and checked it all out before I left,” Carolyn said. “They treated me like a queen! They loved my hair!”

Carolyn said, “The more I think of this experience, I felt not like a 66-year-old white-haired woman, but just like a 24-year-old blonde being doted over as young blondes get doted on each day. I am not saying anything against young blondes ([I] was one once), but it is rare that I have this experience at this fantastic time in my life.”

“I love my silver platinum tresses!” she raves.

We think Carolyn’s new look is absolutely stunning. Plus, how wonderful is it that her hairdressers complimented her gray hair?