When we think of massages, we tend to think of balmy afternoons on the decks of cruise ships. It’s a nice thought—but if you’re cruising through your midlife years, on a second career, or checking off a lengthy to-do list, extra time is not always easy to come by. But a massage is more than a luxury splurge. If you’re a beautiful, maturing woman with all the usual aches and pains, it might be a sign it’s time for a massage. You know, for medical purposes.

Muscle or Joint Pain

Between arthritis, stiff joints from menopause, and sedentary work at less than ergonomic desks, we have plenty to cause us chronic pain. Whatever the reason for your muscle pain, massage is uniquely equipped to relieve pain in a plethora of ways, such as:

  • Reducing tension
  • Breaking up painful knots
  • Strengthening weak muscles
  • Improving circulation
  • Reducing swelling

If your pain is from poor ergonomics, massage can also potentially stave off future pain by helping correct your posture. If you settle into a zero-gravity massage chair, for instance, it will decompress your spine and relax the surrounding muscles for good posture.

High Blood Pressure

Not every health condition is physically painful. If you’re one of 103 million US adults who suffers from high blood pressure, you know the condition is not always obvious. But just because high blood pressure doesn’t feel different doesn’t mean it isn’t a problem. Luckily, massage offers several health benefits for hypertension to help get our heart rate on the right track.


If we were honest, we’d admit that a lot of our gray hairs were the result of stress over one thing or another. And although we don’t mind our gorgeous gray locks, stress also contributes to hypertension, muscle aches, and general emotional unpleasantness, so it has got to go. Massage helps reduce the stress hormone cortisol and relax our heart rate and relieve tense muscles to help return us to a state of relaxation.


As we grow older, many of us experience our circadian rhythm shifting, so we get tired earlier. And when our internal rhythm shifts, it can take a toll on our sleep schedule at first. Add to that chronic pain, stress, and hot flashes, and sleep may be more of a wistful idea than a reality. If this is you, it may be a sign it’s time for a massage, especially since it helps relax the body and produce sweet, slumber-inducing serotonin.


If you combine every situation on this list—tense neck muscles, hypertension, stress, and sleep deprivation—you have the perfect storm for headaches. But because massages can improve every one of those issues, it’s also the perfect solution. If you suffer from chronic headaches, look into massage options today.

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Join our growing community of women who are breaking down aging stereotypes and
creating a fresh perspective toward embracing life after 50.