If you love a maxi dress in the summer, consider adding a few to your winter wardrobe as well! Thanks to the fact that Dress Barn is open online, you can skip the cold wind and look for a dress that will suit your winter wardrobe and help you dream of spring.

Layer Up

While a lot of maxi dresses are made of a lightweight fabric, this on or off shoulder peasant dress in an intense blue will work for all seasons. Add a warm camisole or tights and boots to this pretty garment to keep you looking and feeling comfy.

Give this dress a quick machine wash in cool water, a short tumble until it’s damp to the touch, and a place to hang dry. This will reduce the risk of wrinkling and keep the ruffles crisp.

Warm Tones

There are a few plus size maxi dresses that just call for a cuddle beside a warm fire, and the amber peasant dress is top of the list. Wearers will love the simple drawstring waist and V neck top. Layer this dress with low-cut boots and a creamy shawl for a lovely evening with friends.

This dress is machine washable. You can tumble dry it for a bit to extract the majority of the water, then hang it damp to reduce the risk of wrinkles and have it ready for your next gathering. You can probably find these types of dresses on Dressbarn, but be aware that they’re only open online now.

Hot Orange

This elegant medallion maxi slit dress offers a pop of brilliant orange-red color that draws the eye. This dress would work well with a black jacket, a teal wrap, or a white cardigan. The colors are intense, and the pattern is eye-catching. You’re one pair of black boots away from a very interesting evening!

At the end of your night, this dress is machine washable. Like a lot of fine knits, wash it in cold water and with fabrics; a single zipper or bra hook in the mix may snag this wonderful pattern.

Rich Red

There are some colors that just make you feel warm. A lush poppy dress, nipped at the waist but offering plenty of movement everywhere else, offers the chance to layer or to add a featured piece of jewelry at the neck. Add black tights and low-cut boots or enjoy a simple black scarf or shawl to take away the chill when you wear this elegant maxi.

To protect the color, take care to hand wash this dress in cold water. A bit of crinkle will serve to give it interest, so shake it out and hang it to dry for some texture and flow.

Get Fancy

If you’ve got a great holiday party in your future, consider this sleeveless maxi dress with embellished waist. This ivory gown has a silver waistband and keyhole cutout for a bit of drama. All you need are sparkly earrings and some killer lipstick for a wonderful night on the town.

You’ll want to hand wash this dress and keep it inside out, storing it flat to dry so there’s no risk of damage to the shape or the waistband trim. Once it’s dry, turn it right side out to hang so the trim won’t snag the body of the dress.

We are sure you will look and feel fabulous in any of these beautiful dresses.


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Join our growing community of women who are breaking down aging stereotypes and
creating a fresh perspective toward embracing life after 50.