As you get older, there are several different adjustments you’ll need to make to your lifestyle. From keeping yourself active to maintaining your mind with puzzles and new hobbies, these things are vital to nurturing a maturing body. But if there’s any change that’s more important than the rest, it’s the foods you eat. These are four important midlife changes to make to your diet to ensure that your body has everything it needs to age with grace.

Include More Complex Grains

While we’re all guilty of eating a lot of empty carbs throughout our lives, this is something you must adjust to in your early 50s. Complex carbohydrates, like brown rice, quinoa, and oats, contain larger quantities of fiber—which promotes better digestion and provides sufficient energy for the body. These grains will also help keep you full throughout the day and minimize any unnecessary snacking or meals. So, they’re a cleaner alternative that has more benefits than processed pasta and white bread.

Cut Back on Snacking

Speaking of which, you’ll want to stop snacking whenever possible and replace your salty and fatty treats with healthier options. Around the midlife phase of your life, it becomes more important to incorporate quality foods into your diet. Processed fats and access sodium hold minimal nutritional value and won’t generate the energy you need to stay active. By cutting out or reducing your snack times, you decrease the amount of fat you put in your body and help maintain a slim physique.

Eat More Foods With Vitamin C

It’s also essential that you try to incorporate more vitamin C in your daily meals. Vitamin C is one of the best natural ingredients for skin care because it’s a powerful antioxidant. This means it forms a protective barrier around your cells to prevent them from sustaining damage that could make them age faster. Studies show that antioxidants help prevent chronic diseases. As such, vitamin C-rich foods like citrus fruits and vegetables are a must-have at every meal.

Increase Protein Intake

Another important midlife change to make to your diet is to increase the amount of protein you ingest each day. According to HelpGuide, protein is a vital building block for your muscles, tendons, and veins—which all start to show signs of deterioration in your later years. For this reason, you’ll want to consume more protein to help fight this and better maintain these areas of your body. Keep in mind that protein does its best work following exercise, so you’ll want to increase your activity level during this time.

Making these adjustments now can not only keep you healthier but also ensure you look your best—no matter how many years pass.

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Join our growing community of women who are breaking down aging stereotypes and
creating a fresh perspective toward embracing life after 50.