“You go, girl, ROCK that salt and pepper!” That’s a comment one of the bloggers below got from a stranger on the street. And it’s true. With the right style and maintenance, gray hair is striking.

And there’s more. It saves you time. You don’t have to drive to your coloring appointment each month. It saves you clean-up. Coloring hair yourself means a mess in the bathroom or kitchen. It saves money. Styling salons don’t come cheap.

We’ve got some great follow-ups from our premiere list of 25 Gray-Haired Bloggers who Rock. A few vloggers (video stories) and a self-portrait are featured this year.

Enjoy these stories from the past year in praise of maturity and beautiful gray hair. Each one has a unique perspective, and all sing the praises of gray and silver hair. Many see their platinum locks as badges of honor. Several feel it lends them an air of credibility in their profession and personal life.

Choosing to Go Gray: A Turning of the Soul

Robin Korth philosophizes her choice to go gray.

Going Gray: Why I Finally Stopped Coloring My Hair

Jennifer McGaha in her blog on the Huffington Post explains why she finally stopped coloring her hair.

Going Grey Gracefully

Anna Murphy at Colorwow has decided to go gray by gradually weaning herself from her regular hair coloring appointment.

Talkin’ Bout a Revolution

Sarah Hiers posted a YouTube video that shows in pictures her journey from dyed hair to all natural.

Going Gray Update: 4 Months

Lynne Hinkey documents the changes in her hair color as she starts going gray.

Going Gray

Brette Popper at Yogacitynyc is happy with her decision to stop dyeing her hair.

5 Reasons to Let My Hair Go Grey and 5 Reasons Maybe Not To!

Clare Etheridge is testing the waters, thinking seriously of taking the plunge into gray hair.

Embrace Your Gray Hair

Sarah Bliss talks about the emotional decision of going gray.

The Gray Hair, It’s Growing on Me

Tsh at The Art of Simple discusses her decision to welcome gray hair at age 37.

Embracing My Stripy Hair and Tips on Going Gray

Ray discusses tips on the best way to go gray.

A Celebrity Hairstylist Recently Told Me I HAVE To Dye My Gray Hair, But I Think He’s Wrong

Trae Bodge is committed to going gray, despite the opinion of her hairstylist.

Sexagenerian: Not Rated “X”

Gray hair inspired the Rev. Nadine Drayton-Keen to poetry on the joys of gray hair.

Three That Grandmother’s Have

Mary Elizabeth Rumsey proves you don’t have to be long-winded to show the advantages of going gray.

Grey is the New Blonde?

JJ has fallen in love with gray hair.

Silver-Haired Fox

Laura talks about the sense of acceptance she feels by staying gray.

Considering Giving Up Being a Red Head to Go Gray

Colleen Newwine Tebeau muses about the thought of saying “goodbye” to her red hair.

‘Don’t Call Me Grandma’ — The Struggle of Going Gray in a Youth-Obsessed World

Frida Berrigan tells it like it is.

I’m Going Gray!

Mikita Burton’s opposing debate about going gray.

Why I am Letting My Hair Go Gray

“Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!” 37-year old Kendra at Catholic All Year tells her story.

Going Gray at Midlife

Karen D. Austin gives four reasons why it’s time to ditch the dye.

Authentically Me, Or Why Go Gray?

Karen Freeman answers the question “why go gray” with some great pics.

Lessons From a Year of Going Gray

Some great videos that show transitioning from Susan Paget.


Donna Stamp takes us through her last few months of transitioning.

And She Was: Embracing My Age and Going Gray

Sue Adair talks about going gray and what really matters.

Katie Paul: Self-Portraits

Katie’s selfies and self-portraits need no words. She is simply beautiful.

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Join our growing community of women who are breaking down aging stereotypes and
creating a fresh perspective toward embracing life after 50.